You’re an action taking creative soul but your stuck with what to do next and how, you know it’s possible to build the successful creative business you’ve been dreaming of, right? But the overwhelm of where to start and how to scale is all too much right now.

Well, I have the secret jam for that and you’re going to love it!

Ready to get started on building that business owner mindset and bringing in those jam hot sales months?


With a decade of business ownership in a successful 6 figure product business, I know just how you can crack through that self doubt and start to make the good stuff happen! I’m here to teach and guide you through the exact challenges I faced so that you don’t need to struggle for years like I did.

Having worked those long days, worn the cook hat, the marketing hat, the finance hat, the delivery driver hat, the HR hat and, sod it, that’s just say all the hats, I’ve been through those first moments of fear, overwhelm, doubt and stress. But, I overcame all of that to push through, get clear on our business vision and make it work. We created a successful brand advocated by top 5* London executive chefs and made incredible money in the process! If I can do it with no business background and with no online sales, SO CAN YOU!

How about instead of the doubt and worry we get you some epic confidence in both you and your products, clarity on exactly what steps to take next and every day excitement to work on your business?

I get it! You’re fed up of not getting the sales you dream of and want more visibility on your business and your products but no idea what to try next?! You want the freedom to spend the holidays with the family, the consistent sales so you don’t need to keep hold of that crappy day job and the confidence to step up as the business owner I know you can be!

As your 1:1 coach and supportive inspiration, I’m here for you!

Get the dream business and life, don’t hold back, go for it because the pride and happiness you’ll receive for doing so is so worth it!

I’m a naturally empathetic, teacher, listener, coach and in your corner cheerleader that knows exactly what emotions you’re going through and how you can get control of them so that you can finally make those sales, get visible and work on your dream business.

Ready to take action and invest in your successful business future?

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“Ambition, no matter what we believe, is within us all. So why do we hold ourselves back when we can choose to be ‘unstuck’?”

Hannah Stacey