I’m Hannah and I have a beautiful natural ability to help you make MASSIVE STEPS FORWARD with your creative business!

Shift from feeling overwhelmed with no idea what to do next and fearing the outcomes, to actually getting jam hot clarity on what you want from your creative business.

After we’ve got you clear on what you want and stopped that overwhelm struggle, we work out what actions you need to take to get there! Actions that you feel excited and motivated about taking!

I’ve been in the stuck in the pan of overwhelm and it sucks!

I know that beyond your fears and overwhelm there is so much more excitement and a far more fulfilling life full of clarity, calm and empowered confidence.

No more overwhelm, fear, lack of inspiration or not feeling good enough. I can help you feel confident, excited and so flipping clear that you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in this work sooner!

As an accredited NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, I combine coaching tools with an empathetic, inquisitive nature to help you identify what’s holding you back and what you really want out of this business! All of this means we can then move you forward confidently and start you truly working on your own business towards those successful months and owning a business that you love!

Ready to drop the fear, stop the struggle and live that jam hot life?!


I have spent of lot of years living and working with Imposter Syndrome hanging around me like the grim reaper! For most of them, not even knowing what that dark cloud was! But within these years, I managed to build a successful business, get myself a fine ass, soon to be husband, a cute puppy and the important bit, I dropped the imposter, slowly but finally, along the way!

My own experiences along with my training, have helped me to develop a truly empathetic coaching style that I combine with powerful transformative coaching tools to help clients feel empowered and motivated.

I help you to free your mind from the hustle of your every day so you can uncover the blocks and doubts, drop the fears and the struggle and work on building that business that lights you up!

I get it! Feeling as though something is missing but not having the first idea of what it is or how to find it is so frustrating! It sucks!

But, you’ve got me to help you, this is my jam! I help you unravel all the things that are currently getting in your way, overwhelming you and freaking you out and work on bringing out whatever it is that really makes you spark, what you truly want from your life and business and then help you set actions that you feel FRICKING EXCITED ABOUT and hold you accountable to taking the steps.

As your 1:1 coach and supportive inspiration, I’m here for you!

I’m a naturally empathetic, teacher, listener, coach and in your corner cheerleader that knows exactly what emotions you’re going through having been there myself and can help you open your mind to new once feared possibilities’ and opportunities’ to help you live a more confident and happy life.

Ready to find your jam?

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“Ambition, no matter what we believe, is within us all. So why do we hold ourselves back when we can choose to be ‘unstuck’?”

Hannah Stacey