For the introvert dreamers

Yep, bombshell! We stood down and stepped away from the stove in September 2018.

After 10 years of owning, managing, and actively working within our family business, Mum and I took the decision to leave on the successful high that we were lucky enough to have experienced. The mental and physical impact on the mind, body, and soul, throughout our business years was extraordinary.

Ironically the topic of an old post from September 2017, just months before we decided to put the business on the open market, was highlighting the lack of mental well-being support for the growing number of entrepreneurs and Small Businesses within the UK.

“55% of respondents said that running a business has had a negative impact on their mental health “

Scarlett Cook,

The quote above from Scarlett Cook’s piece on was published in May of this year. The 55% refers to a survey from 2018, conducted by the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Of which, 100 entrepreneurs took part. With various campaigns from Mind, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), and even the young Royals, the high figure both does and doesn’t surprise me.

One of my strongest memories from my early teenage years, is of me, staring longing at the main road out of the classroom window, hourly! Not wondering what we would be having for tea or whether I’d be able to go to my friends that night; but dreaming about being able to drive down that road and disappear to anywhere I wanted, whenever I wanted. The absolutely sense of freedom that you dream of as a child.

However, being a dreamer does not mean you’re an extrovert and that you know how to ‘work a room’. This is where I believe the problem lies.

Many of us are dreamers and hold the characteristics of entrepreneurship but we aren’t confident when it comes to networking or communicating our achievements, or failures for that matter. We know there is more for the taking than the 9-5 and we want to take as much of that ‘more’ as we can get our hands on! The freedom and ability to control our daily lives, not just our future. To work on a project and only have yourself to reject or accept it. To be the one who says, after a full weekend of working, that actually now is not the right time for that project so lets put that on hold, but more importantly, to be in control of the redundancy notice.

Having been back on the corporate wheel for a few months since we sold the business, it’s pretty obvious, this relationship is not going to work out. If you’re anything like me you’ll feel the frustrations of red tape, the highs that are dropped as quick as they are lifted by colleagues decisions, and the biggest for me; ROUTINE! No thank you! You know you need more but you’re not confident enough to go get it. Screw that! You have a passion that you can turn into something. There is one task, maybe more if you’re lucky, that really makes you tick. Something that excites you and gives you the fuzzy’s. There is. We all have something, otherwise good God would we all be miserable?!

Whether it’s escaping the cliche of the rat race, finding your ‘thing’ after having a family, or remembering why you started your business, always remember that even as an introvert dreamer you can get more, we just need a little more pats and gold stars.

And that my friends, is the start of JAM MADE ME | Hannah Stacey Coach and Mentor to female business owners and founders