You’re a feisty small business owner but stuff just got hard…

How to reframe, stay strong and still reach your goals – even now!

As the entrepreneur minded, tough cookie, mystery and inspiration to your 9-5 friends that you are, there is no hiding you’re one feisty being! But stuff did just get a whole lot tougher.

If you’ve found yourself facing an overwhelming sense of struggle, the wind has been taken from your once sturdy ass sails and the simple exhaustion of staying strong and positive is weighing you down – you are not alone!

99% of our private sector industry is made up of businesses like ours. Small, medium sized enterprises ran by like-minded determined and spirited individuals who believe in their product or service. You had the courage to start on this journey and a strong enough belief in yourself to go for it like so many others would never dare to do. I and so many others, admire you for that! Facing the society fears of self employment is such a powerful move and shouldn’t be underestimated. Now faced with the most uncertain of times, if that courage and belief is wavering, please don’t feel as though you have let yourself down!

The pressure we face as small business owners and some as employers, is immense. It cannot be explained to anyone that hasn’t known the emotions it brings. It’s a wave of positivity, determination and strength that is hit hard by a wall of challenges, doubt and worry regularly. Whether it be cashflow, employee concerns, supplier problems, or a nightmare customer, we dust ourselves off.

And I believe this current challenge should be no different.

It’s easy to get stuck, to have the rug pulled from under you and feel as though there is nothing to help you get back up. But by taking a moment to pause and think about your business vision, why you started, you’ll be able to focus your mind and begin to ask yourself better questions. To quiet the inner critic and move to solution mode.

There are ways you can work to build this mindset, even from the lowest point. The reason why you can do this from the lowest point is because you’re naturally a fighter, a believer. You still believe you can do this and you still want to. Because of this sheer determination that I know you have, I want to push you to keep the courage. That’s why this month I’m giving away my 7 positive delusions doc for free! In this free document I explain how using these delusions and by expecting the best, you’re going to jump in and get busy mastering how to overcome your problems and challenges. With high expectations – even unjustly high expectations – you’re greatly enhancing your odds of success. Who wouldn’t want help with that right?

If you’re ready to use these 7 positive delusions, ride the wave we’re on and dust yourself, you simply need to complete the sign up form at the bottom of the homepage and you’ll receive your welcome email with the link to download! Why sign up? Because it’s the first positive action you’re taking and it’s an action of responsibility. You absolutely can do this!! You are enough and with some mindset work, you know you’re strong enough to still reach your goals – even now!