Outside the zone of comfort lies…

…Whatever you wish for.

There were so many times I found myself thinking about our next steps in business. We could look at creating an e-commerce site for our products or we could look at adding in more delivery days or we could work with a distributor to cover a wider geographical area. So many more!! But with my head in the day to day and without taking a moment to think about the intended outcome and to look for the support to help us get there, I soon turned it into a ‘one day we’ll do that’.

I’m sure, like I had, you will have so many ideas running around your head but you can’t seem to grab hold of a single one! And it’s not for want of trying. Maybe you’ve picked up one idea, dipped your toe in but then a supplier let you down with a delivery that you NEEDED and your idea was put on the back burner (literally in our case with new recipes on a gas cooker!).

If you’ve started your business already, in any capacity, whether it’s a side hustle or a well behaved 8 year old (on it’s good days!), you will still have ideas for those next steps. Where so many struggle is at the point of implementation, like I did so many times over!

I’d love to set up our e-commerce site and I know our customers would love us to but I simply don’t know where to start or have the time to look at the how.

Hannah Stacey, Jam Girl

Once you’ve established your foundations and you start to think about these next steps, having the support to help you with moving out of that comfortable box to face the fear and into action mode makes such a huge difference. Having experienced countless coaching sessions first hand in many areas of business, I know how powerful it can be.

I’ve spent the past two years gaining my coaching accreditation and learning so much about the neuroscience and mindset behind reaching our goals. I wanted to understand how we had managed to achieve what we did in gaining new amazing contracts all whilst still feeling as though I’d held back in some way. I felt I was missing something but it wasn’t something, it was someone. Someone I could tell my big ideas to who would be able to help me to see how possible they were and help me work out what to do to get started and make it happen! Yes, I did incredibly well but I know I was capable of so much more.

Having an outside perspective is the quickest way to find your own answers!

If there is something you really want to do, that next step, but you’re worried about the extra work and time it’s going to need or doubting you’re capable enough to do it, then let’s do it together!

I would love to support you in reaching your next step in business! You had the courage to start in business but over time the stakes get raised. Sometimes a supportive empowering cheerleader is exactly what you need to take the leap.

I know you can do it, do you?