I don’t like Marmite… or monotony!

(3 minute read)

Yep, it’s out there, I don’t like Marmite! But here’s the thing, I also dislike monotony and routine by an equal amount. So why do I happily and easily avoid Marmite but keep living a life that serves me nothing but monotony?

The point is that we tell ourselves that some things are easier to simply avoid than others but the reality is quite different. There are literally millions of people worldwide living the life that you dream of and have started from exactly where you are right now! I promise you! And I’m not just talking about celebrities here.

Over the past few months, we have seen a huge surge of supportive collaboration work across the world of small business (particularly for women). Beautiful beings such as Holly Tucker, Not on the High Street, Fiona Grayson, She Can She Did and Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association have all been sharing real life stories from founders and creatives that have decided to go for it at some stage in their lives’.

They’ve stood behind others who have gone all in and helped them tell their stories so that it inspires, not brags. These founder stories are real life and happening right now all around our daily lives’. If you’re taking the kids to a friends, get a podcast downloaded for your way home (Ruth Kudzi, Conversations to help you thrive). If you’re cleaning, get a podcast on (She Can She Did). If you find yourself with some free time in the evening, pick up a mindset book! (Can highly recommend Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas).

Now it’s time to decide. To help you step forward. It’s time to know that you can live a life outside of the box that you’ve been struggling to fit yourself in. Just like Marmite or mushy bananas or whatever food it is that you avoid, you can remove the scripts that no longer serve you.

What are you telling yourself that you no longer want to hear?

I’m not good enough.

I’m always skint.

I don’t have the money to invest.

I don’t have time.

Quit it! Decide right now to stop telling yourself these age old scripts! What is it you want to do? Doing what you want as a feisty and compassionate being will help to bring so many others to a better place. As an empathetic and beautiful soul, it’s going to be pretty tough for success and achievement to turn you into Cruella Devil! You’re a good person and can do good things.

So lady, how much Marmite are you storing in your cupboard just to please others?

It’s time.