The ‘overnight’ successes that took a decade

Comparison, imposter syndrome, self doubt and impatience…. whether you’ve experienced one of these or ALL of them, it’s likely they’ve been on overdrive seconds after you’ve spotted yet another ‘overnight’ success story! Am I right?

I for one have certainly and still do get trapped in the comparison and impatience trap!

This week, my wonderful and beautiful coach shared Joe Wick’s recent video on his 10 year overnight success story. It’s an incredible wake up call for anyone who is starting up in business. I would definitely recommend it! Watching this, got me thinking about how many of these stories there must be in the world that we simply don’t get to hear about.

Yes we all know of the Jeff Bezos start up story of which begins with his parents life savings and a garage, but what about the lesser known brands that we can really relate to?

One of my favourite ‘overnight’ success stories to grab your inspiration by the heart and push it into overdrive is that of Susie Ma, founder of organic cosmetic and skincare brand Tropic Skincare. Inspiration such as this, can be the key to finding your best ideas and the success that follows, although the perfect timing and economic environment can be a huge factor, often comes from feeling inspired and putting that inspiration into action.

On first glance, viewing others successes may (likely will) trigger your comparison but I implore you to look at these with a new open mind. One that congratulates them, (women and under represented groups in particular), for their dedication and hard work and one that see’s opportunities of your very own. Women-owned and led businesses have the potential to contribute so much to our economy, both financially and ethically.

Women-owned businesses contribute £105 billion to the UK each year. They have the potential to contribute an additional £250bn if women started and scaled a business at the same rates as men.8 Oct 2020

Susie Ma began the now multi million pound business at the age of 15. Selling her handmade products at London’s Greenwich market, it was a case of survival and finding a way to pay their bills. The business was officially founded in 2011. Having appeared on the BBC’s The Apprentice, although finishing third, Susie successfully managed to obtain £250,000 of funding from Lord Sugar and has since gone on to recruit more than 10,000 ‘ambassadors’ and be named as one of Forbes, 30 under 30.

I love her quote in the Business Matters article, which shows that it’s easy to close ourselves off to inspiration but what can happen if we don’t, is flourishment;

It wasn’t until I started to spend time with truly inspiring people in the business world that I really found the confidence to make some key decisions for the business that really helped it flourish.

Susie Ma, Founder, Tropic Skincare

Another favourite of mine is the incredible small business ambassador, Holly Tucker, co-founder of Not on the High Street. Founded back in 2006, the online store started with just 100 small enterprises, now has 5000 and has contributed to 14 sellers becoming £1m businesses.

Then there is me! Our handmade preserve business was turned from loss making to £50k profit in just two years. Having bought out my Mum’s original business partner, Mum and I took the business in the direction we knew we could and attracted cold calls from Virgin Trains, Firmdale Hotels and gained a feature in British Vogue’s Most Wanted section.

Although not quite on the scale of Susie or Holly, we did achieve something incredible that we once thought was impossible.

I’m here to show you that it is possible and with more inspiration, encouragement and support, you can do this!

I’d love to hear from you if this has helped to inspire you, pop me a message at and let’s work on building more confident, resilient and inspiring women x