Do you fear success more than you fear failure?

(4 minute read)

Yes, you heard me right! Fearing success is a thing and it can be damaging your ability to reach your future goals without you even knowing it! But there are ways of uncovering this block and moving away from it towards that guilt free and compassionate success.

My childhood was filled with generations old chat and arguments over money; not least back in the days of having to sit through adverts on TV of young children in other parts of the world that were unable to access clean drinking water. I carried guilt with me my entire life.

Familiar comments from the adults around me consisted of;

  • ‘You get what you’re given’
  • ‘You should be grateful’
  • ‘There’s children starving in the world, eat your dinner’

As well as regular arguments over who owed who money, who was tight, and how that rich bloke from down the road is right t**t.

Yes, I have spent my entire life pushing away true success and money because I felt that having it would only bring bad things to me and would instantly make me a selfish t**t.

Well guess what, that’s a crock of shite.

After a recent Time Line Therapy™ session with my beautiful coach Amy, so much was brought up for me around this feeling of guilt. All completely unexpected might I add! Feeling selfish for having money, feeling as though as soon as I have money I must give it away to a good cause, feeling as though my friends and family won’t like me any more or strangers will think bad of me. Now, it is so clear to me how silly all of that sounds.

None of that is true. I am a truly compassionate being, so much so that it often gets on my nerves and boundaries is something I’ve done a lot of work on.

I recently mentioned this fear of success to a friend of mine after it coming up during a client call and their instant reaction was this, ‘well that’s completely illogical!’.

Oh how that made me chuckle internally! For women, the fear of success is a common occurrence and completely logical. We literally have generations full of old beliefs that say women should be grateful for whatever they are given and feel lucky to have a roof over their heads; any more than that is greedy. Erm, excuse Mr Patriarchy, who said? Seriously tell me, I’m genuinely curious to know who made up that BS rule?

Your success and wealth does not define you. Money is meaningless. You are you, money is money. The two do not connect.

Ask yourself today, how do I feel at the thought of having thousands of pounds in my bank account? How does it really make me feel? If that feeling is guilt, remind yourself that that money does not define you, it will not change who you are.

You can be successful, wealthy and compassionate. I choose to let go of that old belief. I am successful and ever so compassionate.

Working out your blocks is one of the biggest and most important parts of working with a coach and an area that I now class as one my expert fields for creative women. I can often identify your limiting beliefs or blocks simply from your very first application form. This is all down to experience and so many conversations with other women who have felt stuck in their business, unclear of how to progress or unsure why things aren’t working out how they hoped they would.

There is almost always a way to get you through this if you are ready to see things differently, take positive action and be accountable.

Feel ready to let go of the old and take action to the new? Drop me a message and let’s get you that guilt free success! 🙂