What’s the point of affirmations?

Do not sweat it lovely if hearing affirmations currently makes you screw up your nose and think ‘erm, really?….?!’

I used to do just that!

“I am constantly attracting financial abundance into my life”

Really, please can you let my bank balance know that because I’m sure they’ve not got the message!

The whole purpose of affirmations is to allow yourself to reframe your negative beliefs or doubts into positive and exciting ones. Once you get this feeling of excitement around what you’re saying, your actions become so much clearer and your confidence will only get better! If you don’t believe in them, it’s like hoping you’ll win the lottery but not actually buying a ticket!

So how do you get yourself believing what you’re saying?

It’s all in the mindset work! Unfortunately fear, doubt and worry is still a major part of most people’s daily lives’. We’re brought up to believe that anything outside of school, college and a good job is risky, even apprenticeships’ are new to the scene! Believing that our lives’ can be full of wealth, success and everything we ever desire is viewed as being way too confident. These things are simply only ever seen in fairytales and Romcoms; or only happen to those who have been given a wealthy start in life or work 3am until 10pm, 7 days a week right? That life just isn’t available to us is it?

Queue the coaching question… Why aren’t these things possible for you?

One of my favourite phrases is one that completely switched my view on affirmations last year; you’ve no more evidence that you’ll fail, than that you’ll succeed.

You see, we are hardwired to look for evidence of how our ambitions’ and dreams will fail. It’s our inner critic’s way of keeping herself out of danger, away from embarrassment and staying safely in her cosy comfort zone. What we don’t do automatically is look for evidence of actually succeeding. We don’t look at the skills we have that mean we can make amazing products, we don’t look at the sales we’ve already made or the thousands of others that have built successful profitable businesses before us.

So what can you do differently to use affirmations to your advantage?

Firstly, choose affirmations that you can actually see as possible for you. Below are a few examples for you to use which are great starting blocks. Secondly, if you’re still not feeling it, ask yourself why not? What thoughts are coming up for you when you think about these things being true for you? There may be some hidden blocks there that are preventing you from ever seeing these things as possible. For me, it was comparison, the old ‘I’m not good enough’. Questioning this thought means you can start to reframe it. Why do you think you’re not good enough? In what ways are you good enough? What could you do that would help you to feel good enough? Start to look for evidence that these things can be true for you, there definitely is evidence, you just need to dig it up!

Thirdly, say them with meaning. Once you’ve found the right affirmations for you, you’ve uncovered those doubts and reframed those thoughts, say those bad boys as often as you can with as much true feeling as you can! You won’t always feel like it and that’s OK, don’t force them, but on the days when you’re feeling good enough, actually smile and make your heart flutter with excitement as you say the words!

Look into the mirror, smile and repeat;

This is what a ……. woman looks like!

This is what a successful, happy woman looks like

This is what a wealthy woman looks like

This what a great Mum looks like

I am a successful small business owner and I am constantly improving

I am always in just the right place that I need to be to achieve the things I want

I am confident in my decisions

So lovely, have a think about what affirmations are good for you and get them on repeat because it is all possible for you too!

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