My Story – Hannah Jam

Why Hannah Jam I hear you ask?

Our family business, established by Mum back in 2008 during the height of a recession around our kitchen table, was hand made all the way. We produced jams, chutneys, and other preserves using traditional open pan methods as you would use at home.

I started work at the kitchen on a part time basis when, in my early 20’s I quickly learnt I didn’t much enjoy the corporate world. I learnt everything there was to know when I started. I prepped, I stirred, I scrubbed the pans, I packed orders, I labelled orders and I delivered in either our car or a hired van. Customers and friends quickly came to nickname me Hannah Jam.

After Mum’s business partner decided to move to pastures new, the opportunity arose for me to join Mum as a 50/50 partner. At the age of 25 I became joint Director. Neither Mum or I had any business experience but once it became our shared loved we successfully grew beyond our own expectations and we sold at the top of our game in 2018. In our final 18 months, we tripled the turnover after gaining contracts with customers such as Virgin Trains and Firmdale Hotels in London (our dream 5* customer!).


Our mindset shifted the day it became solely ours. We went from kitchen table, to local shops to supplying Virgin Trains, London’s 5* Firmdale Hotel Group and regionally, the best of the best award winning independent retailers. We built a brand that became bigger and better than we ever imagined.

But I have never felt so excited and passionate about a project than I do now! Helping other business owners to get past that breakthrough point of long hours and sleepless nights to winning dream customers and clients, getting the life they always dreamed of and finally getting a return on their investments is my calling in life!

I’m ready when you are! x

To find out more about little old me, check out my Instagram page where I post support and guidance daily.

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