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Ready to drop the fear, stop the struggle and find your jam…?

If constant overwhelm, 3am stresses, too much to do with too little time and fear of making the wrong decision is preventing you from moving your creative business forward then you are in the right place my lovely!


My 1:1 coaching programmes, The Jam Programmes are for any woman; business owner, corporate, full time Mum, whatever your current space there is a programme for you.

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For the business owner/creator | 12 full weeks of 1:1 support with me as your personal empowerment and accountability coach to help you work out what to do, how and then get it done!

This 12 week in depth 1:1 programme is for you if;

  • You’ve been side hustling or plodding along in your small business for a while but you’re ready to ditch that day job and start to turn the business into the successful profit generating business that you dream of.
  • You know you want to grow your business but you’re constantly going around in circles with no idea where to start
  • You start looking into next steps but get way too overwhelmed and freaked out about the amount of things you feel you need to do so don’t ever make any progress
  • You’re questioning whether you can actually make this work and doubting yourself and the possibility of consistent sales
  • Your imposter syndrome is on constant loud speaker and is preventing you from taking the leap into bigger and bolder places
  • You dream of simple click and buy order processes for your customers, your own website and branding and would love to have those flexible, guilt free, working hours you’ve heard so much about

By the end of the 12 weeks you will 

  • Have the confidence to put yourself and your products out into the world
  • Have successfully discovered and started to implement better, more productive ways of working
  • Gain full clarity on your business end game and know what you want from your business
  • Be able to identify your emotional triggers so you know how to manage them so you can work productively and efficiently
  • Have silenced the imposter syndrome and know when it’s creepy it’s way back in so you can stop it before it takes you to the overwhelm zone
  • Have absolute clarity on where you want to take your business and how you can get there
  • No more procrastination! We’ll take solid action to get you to where you need and want to be.

The package

  • 1 x 90 minute intensive kick off call – nail your 12 week goals and big end game goal
  • 5 x 45 minute calls – clear action steps set, clarified and outcomes reviewed.
  • Unlimited Voxer support direct to me (Mon – Fri) for any questions or worries and kicks’ up the butt when you need them throughout the 12 weeks!

All of this forward movement and life changing results in a results filled 12 weeks is an investment of £1500.

Client breakthroughs and testimonials are where the good stuff’s at…

Ready for your own epic results?

Are you feeling the pull and would you love to try coaching but not quite ready to invest in a full programme? Keep scrolling…

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Business or Life | 1 x 90 Minutes plus two weeks of 1:1 messaging support with me. Get out of the overwhelm pot and into jam hot clarity that gets you motivated and excited to get stuff done!

This is for you if;

  • You really want an independent sounding board (not the relations or friends who mean well but don’t truly listen) to voice your ideas and thoughts to
  • You have a 101 ideas and tasks on your to do list to help you grow your business but you’ve just no clue where you should start
  • You’re feeling unsure on what to do next and would love some clarity on what direction to take your life or business
  • You’re unsure on whether there is scope to grow your business right now and questioning whether you should keep going (even though you really want it to work!)
  • You’ve had a confidence knock and feeling anxious about the future of your business but want to do everything you can to make it work
  • You’d love to work on your mindset and discover what is keeping you stuck in this rut and unhappy
  • You’re anxiety levels are sky rocketing and you’d love to take action to improve your life and confidence

Clients have incredibly speedy results from these sessions and have left feeling motivated and excited EVERY TIME

The intensive is the perfect way to get your mojo back and get focused so you can take action to build your dream life and business!

1:1 support to get quick results, investment of £222

Is coaching right for you and your business right now?

If you’re serious about making this business your full time success story and bringing you financial independence and time freedom, then ABSOLUTELY!

My focus is to support all women to step into their space. My 1:1 coaching programmes, The Jam Programmes are for any woman; business owner, corporate, full time Mum, whatever your current space.

I am dedicated to supporting you to live freely, successfully and confidently by building a resilient mindset that is guilt and anxiety free.

  • You feel overwhelmed with too many possible directions and too many ideas but no idea where to start.
  • You feel anxious about making a decision because too scary to invest the time or money into something that “might not work”.
  • You feel stuck with where you’re currently at in business but ready to do everything you can to make it work.

As a soulful and overwhelmingly empathetic Pisces, I am most definitely here to empower, inspire and encourage.

Let’s start looking at what’s going on for you right now. I’m here as your empathetic inspiration to question your little noggin’ to help you find the blocks and completely rescript them. Uncovering those conditioned beliefs and fears so that you can move forward with whatever your beautiful self feels called to.

Ready for the possible? Drop me an email lovely and let’s get a brew booked in!