The Jam Sessions

I get it, your days are filled with endless questions, weighty decisions and that overwhelming feeling of ‘what the hell am I doing?‘…

‘I love making and selling these products but how can I make more when there’s only me?’…

And that’s just the start!

There’s a long list of marketing and finance questions too! But you just want to keep making and selling the products you love, making an actual living out of all of this and becoming financially independent would be INCREDIBLE!!

That’s where The Jam Sessions come in!

Three bespoke 1:1 coaching programmes created from first hand business experience and the uncontrollable need to help you achieve massive success!

I am here to inspire, motivate and coach you to a brand new confident, assured and resilient business mindset that will allow you to get super sonic clarity on your business, know and feel excited about the actions you need to take and where to focus your time and money for the highest financial returns!

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The Foundations

The Foundations is the programme that gives you everything you need to take your creative business from small and ticking over to your full time profitable dream.

The programme includes a 90 minute intensive session where we get super clear on your business why, your end game vision and look at uncovering any limiting beliefs or blocks that may be holding you back from up-levelling. Lots of work on ensuring you have the tools you need to help you use your new resilient mindset going forward.

With full 1:1 support throughout the programme, you’ll have me as your ‘business partner’ in your pocket and gain incredible confidence in yourself and your business so you can finally reach those profitable months without burning out!

What do you get?

The Foundations is a 12 week support programme

1 x 90 minute intensive kick off call – nail your 12 week goals and big end game goal

5 x 45 minute calls – clear action steps set and outcomes after each reviewed.

Unlimited Voxer messaging support direct to me for the programme duration for any questions, worries and kicks’ up the butt when you need them!

Full accountability to ensure you stay focused and on track

Supportive and experienced ‘business partner’ in your pocket

Current investment £1500 (payment plans available, 4 spaces each quarter)


I feel so motivated now and definitely have a clearer idea of where my business is heading and how I can get there! Really helpful!

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The Scale

The Scale is for those that have reached a busy schedule of making, packing, marketing and everything else that’s necessary to keep this business going!

You’re wearing all the hats but it’s time to sort out your processes, investigate new opportunities for growth and check in with your end game vision so you can make sure you’re on the right path.

It’s easy to get swept up in the day to day and end up working as a busy fool but it’s vitally important you scale up sustainably before you burn out!

The Scale programme allows you to get the clarity you need by stepping away from the day to day and investing time in yourself and the future of your business. We set assured action steps so you can move forward confidently.

Whether it’s approaching retailers for the first time, outsourcing parts of your role, recruiting team members or moving into that dream studio space, The Scale is your programme!

What do you get?

The Scale is a six week support programme.

3 x 45 minute calls – assessing your vision and getting clear on the actions you need to take

1 x 30 minute call – end of programme review to ensure you have everything you need to continue your successful scale.

Current investment £497


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The Intensive

Looking to get clear on your end game and business vision?

Want to understand how you can build better customer relationships to increase sales?

Ready to approach new retailers but unsure on your first steps?

Fed up of battling imposter syndrome and feel it’s holding you back from success?

The intensive is the perfect cost effective way to get your mojo back and get focused and you can build your dream life and business!

What do you get?

90 minutes 1:1 to focus on one aspect of your business.

Unlimited Voxer messaging support direct to me for two weeks following your session.

Current investment £199


Already have my first personalised commission and haven’t even started advertising yet! Thanks again for a fantastic call!

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A combination of my decade of building a successful award winning six figure business selling jam and other preserves to the likes of Virgin Trains, 5* London hotels and Award Winning Indie Retailers alongside my two years of coach training. Having turned this loss making business into £50,000 profit in just two years, with no online sales, I’m here to help you to push your business forward, get more sales, gain epic confidence and build a business that allows you to stay creative and become profitable!

The overwhelm of not knowing how to get more sales and more visibility along with the thought of cold calls is a nightmare! Knowing that you’d love to make more money, take your business to the next level and you’d love eyes on your products. I’ve been there and it’s easy to feel unsure how to do it all or even at the start, feel petrified of randomly sending your products to a potential new customer!

My daily updates of support, advice and general musings are over on the gram, see you there? @iam_soulfullysourced